About the Author

About the Author

Author Daniel McMillan

Daniel McMillan

Dan McMillan is a therapist and psychologist in Alberta, Canada, and the father of two young children. This story was originally created to help highlight a common, hurtful pattern in couples’ relationships. One day he told the story to his daughters and found they really enjoyed it as well. So a kid-friendly version was born in hopes of both entertaining children and sharing important information for parents to be aware of.

One of the most challenging periods in a couple’s relationship is during the early years of childrearing. Their relationship has an important influence on the emotional environment and home their children are raised in. Thus it felt important to try to share this educational metaphor via a fun, safe story for all!

Dan is also the owner and director of Assured Psychology, a psychology firm based out of Calgary, Alberta that focuses on warm, competent care for all. To find out more about Dan or his team please see the below social media links or visit him at www.assuredpsychology.com or www.calgarycouples.com.

This story originated in Dan McMillan's therapy office. See this video for the original version he would tell his clients: